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Quest Description:

Now that the seals are unlocked, activating them is a simple task, but will require an ancient tool. We will need a dagger carved of human bone. The tool was resting in the tomb of the last gravedigger to use it but no telling which of the skeletons that could be. One of them has the bone dagger. Find it.


  • Bone Dagger - 0/1


  • Gold coin : 61
  • Exp: 603

Final Dialogue:

Return the dagger to Gravedigger Loth.

Given by: Gravedigger Loth in Doomwood Graveyard

Previous in Quest Chain: The Last Seal

Next in Quest Chain: The Right Hands

Quest Help:

Bone Dagger is obtained by defeating Grave Skeletons in Doomwood Graveyard. Skeletons in Doomwood Forest and Bridge Skeletons in Doomwood Tower, won't work for the quest. Bone Dagger has a low drop rate.


Go to one of the seals (as it has many skeletons in one place) while having Warrior Class equipped. Attack each skeleton, then keep using your 4th ability (Whirlwind) over and over again to attack them all. Try to equip items that increase your health.


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