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Quest Description:

One last thing. Me remember Warlord Mace have very noticable stink. It old. passed down for long time and used to smash a lot of stinky things. It kind of pick up that smell. Sneevils sometimes have very stinky boxes. Me no know what used to be inside them and me not want to know, but we need that stink.


  • Stink Box - 0/4


  • 69 Gold coin
  • 684 Experience

Final Dialogue:

OK! This exciting. Me just need to work on it a little and see how it look and smell.

Given By: Warlord Gamush in Livingstone Caverns

Previous in Quest Chain: Red Leather, Yellow Leather

Next in Quest Chain: What Counts

Quest Help:

Cave Sneevils are found all over Livingstone Caverns on top of the cliffs. To obtain Stink Boxes, defeat the Cave Sneevils. Sneevils in Greenguard won't work for the quest. The drop rate of Stink boxes is low.

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