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Quest Description:

Good. Potions wore off. Me alk good again. Me am thinking... Maybe Warlord Mace just a symbol. Real trolluk leader will do what it takes to protect him clam. If me can't use magic mace to keep rocky things away, me do it the old fashioned way. By delegating. You go kill pebblars!



  • Gold coin : 165
  • Exp: 1642

Final Dialogue:

That good start, but me think we need to attack the source of the problem.

Given By: Warlord Gamush in Livingstone Caverns

Previous in Chain: Potions Of A Questionable Nature

Next in Chain: Smashy Smashy

Quest Help:

Pebblars are located all around Livingstone Caverns. Boogerlings in The Slime Lord's Pit won't work for the quest.

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