Once you have completed a goal...Edit

Simply delete it from this page. Feel free to add tasks that you think need to be completed.

Current GoalsEdit

  • Update dungeons! We need quest text and info about each area in the dungeon (see Barrow Pass as an example of what we need).
  • Check any pages in the Clean Up category and fix them up.
    • Most of these items need male/ female images added.
  • Figure out what Staggered effect does (Infected Zombies)


We have some templates that you might find useful.

type this to get this
{{Gold}} Gold coin
{{Dc}} Dragon Crystal Closed Beta
{{Key|A}} A
{{Clean up|reason text goes here}}
Stealth Skill Button
This page needs a clean-up! Reason: reason text goes here
Spin Kick Skill Button
This page is a candidate for deletion. Remember to check what links here and the page history before deletion.

To-do for AdminsEdit

  • Update front page with flashy tables, headers, images, and the whole kit-and-kaboodle
  • Update image names to be more descriptive
  • Complete work on {{Item}}
    • add more capitalisation handling
    • add link to /data for level input
    • add link to tables
    • add type handling

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