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Quest Description:

The chipmunks in the Heartwood are pretty greedy little guys but they are going to learn how to share. They have probably gathered all the nuts into their nests. That is where we will find the nuts and seeds the fastest. Don't worry, there's plenty more seeds still on the trees for them.


  • Nuts gathered - 0/1
  • Nuts gathered - 0/1
  • Nuts gathered - 0/1
  • Nuts gathered - 0/1
  • Nuts gathered - 0/1


  • Gold coin : 34
  • Exp: 267

Final Dialogue:

Yeah, these will be plenty for now! We will just need to keep them safe from those chipmunks while I plant them. I think I have an idea.

Given by: Reed in Heartwood Forest

Previous in Quest Chain: The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Next in Quest Chain: Seedkeeper

Quest Help:


Nuts are obtained from the dirt rubbles with animation of shining particles, all around Heartwood Forest. To gather the nuts, go near the rubble and left-click on it.

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