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Quest Description:

I love fishin', and the streams and ponds of Greenguard have some of the best fishing that you'll find around here. I know all the best spots and the best times but what I really need is the perfect bait. The fish in Greenguard seem to really love the taste of those Red Flying Eyeball optic nerves. Somethin' about it drives them crazy. I am always lookin' for more of that high quality bait, so if you want to make some quick gold, I'll pay for you any that you find.


  • Optic Nerve - 0/5


  • 20 Gold coin
  • 100 Experience

Final Dialogue:

Oh, awesome! Thanks! Those fish better watch out next time I get a day off.

Given by: Faith in Trainer's Hall

Quest Help:

Optic Nerve is obtained from defeating Red Flying Eyes in Greenguard.

Blue Flying Eyes in Heartwood Forest won't work for the quest.

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