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Barrow Pass is a dense and shady area of Greenguard forest where the Outcast Hands have been know to prey on innocent travelers.

Party Size: 3

Dungeon Keys: 1

Levels: There are four areas that are a part of Barrow Pass: Areas A-C and the Final Area. However, the player will have to fight through two areas randomly chosen from areas A-C before reaching the Final Area where Tovus is. All enemies except for the boss in the Final Area will continuously respawn. The area can be cleared only by defeating the boss.

Location: Barrow Point left portal

Level Required: 4

Exits to:


Possible Loot:

Area Details:

Monster Number
Area A "Wall"
Oucast Hand 13
Guard Wolf 7
Trained Frogzard 10
Area B "Arch"
Outcast Hand 7
Guard Wolf 5
Trained Frogzard 2
Area C "Hill"
Outcast Hand 13
Guard Wolf 5
Trained Frogzard 10
Outcast Alpha Wolf 1
Final Area "Arena"
Random Wolf, Frogzard, or Hand 6
Tovus the Bladedog 1


  • Area A
  • Area A
  • Area A
  • Area B
  • Area C
  • Final Area

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