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Quest description:

Gaz does not want to cause trouble. Of course. he doesn't! But every morning at the first rays of the sun, the drickens in this town start cawing and crowig and wake Gaz from the most wonderful dreams. Gaz cannot take it much longer. Gaz needs his beauty rest. Perhaps a hero could take care of the drickens for Gaz? Gaz does not want a hero to damage the villager's property...but accidents do happen, do they not? Of course they do.



  • Gold coin : 20
  • Exp: 100

Final Dialogue:

Ahhhh. That sweet silence is music to Gaz's poor old ears. Of course it is. Gaz knows that the hero had nothing to do with the drickens disappearing but knowing that Gaz will get some sleep makes him feel generous. Here is some gold. By the way, sometimes when I pass through Greenguard Forest, I can hear an awful noise coming from underground. Maybe you can check if you head that way?

Given by: Gaz in Town of BattleOn

Quest Help: Dricken are the chicken-like creatures, they populate Town of BattleOn and Heartwood Forest

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