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Quest Description:

You have done a lot of good here, and if Big Bones sends word of it to Sargoth then we will see a huge wave of reinforcemenets. Go and stop him before that can happen! Man, I wish I could join you but someone has to stay here and stop the undead from pushing into Greenguard. Good luck...


  • Big Bones Defeated - 0/1


  • Gold coin : 293
  • Exp: 2925

Final Dialogue:

You did it! I just got word that the paladins coming to provide support were held up by some roots in the Heartwood but they should be here soon. I will wait for them. Thanks again, friend. I could not have held the Doomwood Watch without you. Battle On!

Given by: Artix in Doomwood Forest

Previous in Quest Chain: Clean Up

Quest Help:


Big Bones is a boss located at the exit gates to Doomwood Graveyard, in the end of the road of Doomwood Forest. This boss is a giant skeleton holding a big mace and has an axehead stuck in his skull, while standing in a spot full of skull piles. To complete the quest, defeat Big Bones.

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