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Quest Description:

The bees and other insects of the forest carry pollen from one plant to another, ensuring their continuation but the bees fled the Heartwood long ago. We must ask the bees to return. Take these blessed flower seeds and plant flower patches that the bees might be called back to us and continue their good work.


  • Flowers planted - 0/1
  • Flowers planted - 0/1
  • Flowers planted - 0/1
  • Flowers planted - 0/1
  • Flowers planted - 0/1


  • Gold coin : 64
  • Exp: 631

Final Dialogue:

You saw the flowers grow before your eyes, did you not? My forest knows that you are working to help us and it, in turn, is helping your work. Soon the bees will be lured by the sweet scents of the flowers and help restore [sic]

Given by: Voice of the Forest in Heartwood Forest

Previous in Quest Chain: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Next in Quest Chain: Monstrous Essence

Quest Help:


The unplanted patches are located all over Heartwood Forest. They look like dead flowers with shiny particles animation. To plant flowers in these patches, simply go near them and left-click on them.

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