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Quest Description:

This is where the necromancer Sargoth's forces are massing and this is my second chance to stand up to him. I have tried to destroy the bridge but they repair any damage faster than I can damage it. There's nothing to be done but to defeat his forces here. The skeletons are his weakest minions, start there.


  • Skeleton Defeated - 0/50


  • Gold coin : 636
  • Exp: 6351

Final Dialogue:

You made a dent in his forces!

Given by: Heath's Ghost in Doomwood Tower

Previous in Quest Chain: Heath's Ghost (Quest)

Next in Quest Chain: Beware of Dogs

Quest Help:

Bridge Skeletons are located in masses around Doomwood Tower. Skeletons in Doomwood Forest and Grave Skeletons in Doomwood Graveyard won't work for the quest.

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