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Quest Description:

I need you help with the Trolluks. They have this game where they run at each other and butt heads and the first person to fall over is the loser. No way I was going to back down from a challenge but the town healer says he won't fix any more of my skull fractures so now I need you to show them who the big cheese is. Go bust some heads and soften up some Trolluks for me. I think 5 should do the trick.



  • 15 Gold coin
  • 150 Experience

Final Dialogue:

HA! That will teach those pinheads who they're messing with. ME! I mean YOU!

Given by: Campbell in Town of BattleOn

Quest Help:

Trolluks are found east of Warlord Gamush and also north of this spot, in Livingstone Caverns. To complete the quest, defeat Trolluks. This quest is repeatable.

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