Quests are tasks NPCs give to players to complete. Some may be completed only once; others may be completed repeatedly. Most quests can only be completed in the area in which they are given, though some (such as those given in Battleon) require the player to seek out the correct area or monster elsewhere.

Items given as rewards for quests are typically unique and cannot be re-obtained. Many quests can be completed with the help of other players; as long as you score a hit on a creature, you are credited for its demise and may obtain dropped loot, even if another player did almost all of the work of defeating it.

As of pre-beta, there are a few types of quests:

  • Killing Boars: the player is asked to kill a certain number of one or more types of creatures.
  • Fetch: the player is asked to go to a location or NPC, or bring an item to a location.
  • Collecting Bear Rumps: the player is asked to collect a certain number of dropped items.

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