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Quest description:

Long ago, Yulgar had a key to the trap door leading down here but he dropped it. I'm sure one of the Boogerlings saw it gleaming and ate it. Maybe you can find it?


  • Yulgar's Cellar Key - 0/1


  • Gold coin : 23
  • Exp: 460

Final Dialogue:

Hey! That's it! I'm sure that Yulgar will be glad to get that back. He's just been using a barrel of salted fish to keep the trap door shut for months! It's starting to smell.

Given by: The Slime Lord's Pit

Previous in Quest Chain: Welcome To The Sinkhole!

Next in Quest Chain: Strange Brew

Quest Help:

Yulgar's Cellar Key is obtained from defeating Boogerlings in The Slime Lord's Pit. Pebblars in Livingstone Caverns won't work for the quest.

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