Closed Beta started July 26, 2016!

Closed Beta is the a point in game in which many more players can enjoy the game and get an edge over others, the only way you can play in this point is to get a beta key.



  • New title screen (Steam version now matches Android version).
  • The player limit of the Town of Battleon has been reduced to 10 (officially).
  • Dragonwatch Keep Changes:
    • Drops from mobs
    • portal added
    • mob stats buffed
  • Big Bones General updated with whirlwind animation
  • Lighting updates to all maps
  • Skybox updates to all Doomwood maps (in preparation for volcanos and dragon area)


  • Bug fixes.
  • Stat rebalancing.
    • Item stats were reduced slightly across the board (roughly 20% lower).
    • Player stats are now a positive line at all levels instead of a convex curve.
    • Item base stats lowered slightly.
    • At least three items got buffs: the Adventurer Set weapons.
  • Back button to all screens during the login / create character process added.
  • Graphics changes.
    • Each quality setting now caps the framerate either at 30, 1/2 of the monitor, or at 60.
    • Updates to Intro 1 and 2 to make the pink go away.
  • Chipped Tooth Dagger added.
  • Thin Paper Gloves added.
  • Battleon room size reduced to 10.
  • Android closed beta released to public (v. 0.0.88).

Planned Releases Edit

  • Interface
  • Rewards
    • All kickstarter classes
  • Devices
    • Android
    • Web Version discontinued
  • In-game features
    • 11 new Dungeons
    • Pre-Beta badges awarded
    • Redesigned Battleon
    • New combat animations
    • Much more sounds and music
    • Battleon teleport crystal / Travel to unlock area

Extra Info Edit

  • TUESDAY 7/26/2016:  Closed Beta (STEAM)!
  • WEDNESDAY 8/24/2016: Closed Beta (Android)!
  • THEN: Open Beta (STEAM)
  • THEN: Open Beta (Apple iOS) 
  • Winter 2016 - LIVE RELEASE!
  • There's unexpected bugs no matter how far you are! Turns out War Cry is pretty good (0.0.84).

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