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Quest Description:

Sneevils hear better now. It's a new mutation but are their powers of perception greater or is it a physical change in the way they gather sound. I could tell for sure if you could bring me 10 Sneevil ears for cross-comparison.


  • Get 10 Sneevil Ears - 0/10


  • Gold coin : 17
  • Exp: 161

Final Dialogue:

Wow. I thought you would just bring me ten Sneevils so I could look at the structure of their ears but I guess just lopping their ears off works too. Very pragmatic ...if monstrous... solution to the problem.

Given by: Edon in Greenguard

Previous in Quest Chain: Because We Can

Next in Quest Chain: Free Samples

Quest Help:

Sneevil Ears are obtained from Sneevils in Greenguard. Cave Sneevils in Livingstone Caverns won't work for the quest.

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