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Quest Description:

The Fallen Hand train wolves and zards to do what they want using very cruel methods. The wolves that help protect them have collars under their fur with spikes on the inside that dig into the wolf when the bandit yanks the collar. If you knock the wolves out you can remove their collars and free them.


  • Spiked Collar Removed - 0/6


  • Gold coin : 13
  • Exp: 260

Final Dialogue:

Those wolves will never trust people again but at least they are free. They're dangerous and mean now, but that?s not their fault. I will do what I can to keep them away from people until they heal.

Given by: Robina in Barrow Point

Previous in Quest Chain: Sentimental Value

Next in Quest Chain: The Bladedog

Quest Help:

Killing Guard Wolves and Trained Frogzards are fairly easy with a group of people.

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