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Weapon of the "My Weapon's Custom" backer Diov.

Diovs Scythe
The first versions of Diov's Scythe that were teased around March 20 2016. These personal variants were given away in a Rafflecopter event( and the winners were named in a tweet (
Diovs Scythe 2

Dage the Evil wielding Diov's scythe.

Diovs Scythe Original Design

Original design by ShenbinsuRocks for Diov.

Diov Scythe 1

The quests for beginning the crafting ,Perpetual Ingot, and the Midnight Ingot for his public custom weapon

On April 8 2017 9:27 AM PST Diov would announce the public version of his scythe, he claimed it will be very hard to get( Then on April 8 2017 at 12:24 PM PST he would then post the requirements he had made for his weapon(

Diov Scythe 2

The quest for the Dark Element and the first version of the quest items needed for the scythe.

Originally Diov's weapon was requiring 1 Perpetual Ingot, 3 Midnight Ingots,and 1 Dark Element however certain players said that it was easy. Diov would then respond by posting a tweet of the new requirements needed to craft the item( as this is the current amount of items needed to craft his weapon

Diov Scythe 4

The second and most current version of the quest items needed to craft Diov's weapon

The exact date of released for Diov's weapon is unclear as of now but is assumed to be arriving soon to the game.

Diov Scythe 3

The public version of Diov's Scythe called the "Soul Splitter" available through his crafting release date to be announced

There are multiple versions of Diov's Scythe. The public version as shown in the picture to the right is blue and black, has 1 blade with no markings. Another version of Diov's blade which was more of a joke had 5 blades instead of 2( Another version which was a joke had 5 blades and the base of the Scythe was a blade(


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