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Event to finish Pre-Beta and keep everyone entertained and have fun while Pre-Beta lasts!

TOP 10 "End of the World Tokens" Edit

During the last hours of Pre-Beta villains came to destroy our world. Rare End of the World Tokens started dropping on their armies of monsters. It was completely a chance thing.. but the results can be viewed as a fun little leader-board!

  • Zhirael - 12 Tokens
  • ESCMemes - 12 Tokens
  • Phineas - 9 Tokens
  • OrokiNz - 9 Tokens
  • Xanalar - 8 Tokens
  • Moom - 8 Tokens
  • LuisazoXD - 8 Tokens
  • Phantom - 8 Tokens
  • EVIL ZANT 7 tokens
  • pou123321 7 Tokens

Started: 07/26/2016

Ended: 07/26/2016



Quests: None.

NPC: None.

Seasonal Items: None.


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