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Quest Description:

I do not believe this. It looks like the watch commander might have... done something awful. I have a hard time believing that one of my fellow paladins could do something like this. I need more proof. We have GOT to find that journal. Please search around the area. Maybe it got knocked out of the tent during the fighting.


  • Journal Cover - 0/1


  • Gold coin : 67
  • Exp: 670

Final Dialogue:

You found the cover? All the pages have been torn out. From these claw marks it looks like the shadow wolves might have gotten to it first.

Given by: Artix in Doomwood Forest

Previous in Quest Chain: Ring of Truth

Next in Quest Chain: Filling In The Blanks


Quest Help:


The Journal Cover is located to the west of the Big Skull in Doomwood Forest, near a Skeleton spawn point. The Journal cover is inside one of a few piles of dirt. The correct dirt is demarcated with a shiny particle animation. To recover the journal cover, left-click on all the visible piles of dirt.

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