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Quest Description:

Many pebblars run away from you when you mash pebblar eggs. Me hear one trolluk say they all run to place with three torches on ground. Go look around cave and tell me what you find.


  • Location Revealed - 0/1


  • Gold coin : 83
  • Exp: 821

Final Dialogue:

You see a number of pebblars burrowing into the ground in the center of these three Trolluk torches.

Given By: Warlord Gamush in Livingstone Caverns

Previous in Chain: Smashy Smashy

Next in Chain : Time To Rock

Quest Help:


The location is east of Jimmy The Eye in Livingstone Caverns. The location consists of three giant stone torches in a triangular formation. To complete the quest, stand in the circle of shining particles adjacent to the NPC.

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