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Quest Description:

The Frogzards have mutated too. Now they have the most beautiful eggs that I've seen in all my years studying nature. They make their nests under the bushes in the local area. I want you to go smash 5 of their eggs and bring me the shell fragments to study.


  • Egg Smashed! - 0/1
  • Egg Smashed! - 0/1
  • Egg Smashed! - 0/1
  • Egg Smashed! - 0/1
  • Egg Smashed! - 0/1


  • Gold coin : 11
  • Exp: 108

Final Dialogue:

Ah! Lovely! I wish I hadn't put this off so long but it just seemed like a horrible thing to do. I'm glad you're more morally flexible than I am.

Given by: Edon in Greenguard

Previous in Quest Chain: Silent Screams

Next in Quest Chain: The Lizard Brain

Quest Help:


The Eggs are all located underneath bushes, both at the Frogzard spawns at the entrance to Town of BattleOn and at the Frogzard spawn at the entrance to Greenguard South, in Greenguard.

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