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Quest Description:

One of the sneevils is much larger than the others. He's taken to calling himself King Sneed. I need to examine his body to figure out why he's so much larger and stronger than his kin. I doubt he'll just give you a tissue sample so you know what to do. He likes to show up on the bridge from time to time to survey his Box Kingdom.


  • Tissue Sample - 0/1


  • Gold coin : 22
  • Exp: 215

Final Dialogue:

He DID give you a tissue sample? I was really hoping that you would kill him. He stole crates full of my research and this is the one guy that you manage to NOT kill? Oh well, I can still work with this. Thanks for all your help today!

Given by: Edon in Greenguard

Previous in Quest Chain: Creative Problem Solving

Next in Quest Chain: The Brass Ring

Quest Help:


King Sneed is located on the summit of the bridge in Greenguard and is a pretty simple boss to kill.

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