*Note feel free to add to the task list for others to see! 

Wiki Section Edit

Wiki Task List Edit

  • Check every quest and look for mistakes or outdated info.
  • Finish the badges page.

Wiki Future Plans Edit

  • More people working on the Wiki.
  • Much more informative pages and pictures.
  • More constant updates.
  • Better and more improved home page

AQ3D Section Edit

*Note these are future plans for updates and if you have any that are confirmed! Add on!

Maps Edit

  • Character Customization (Barber Shop)
  • Dragons Lair
  • The Fireplace
  • Death Knight's Keep

Monsters Edit

Fixes And Additions Edit

  • Battleon/Yulgar's Inn Update
  • Improved Animations for monsters and attacks
  • More Shops/Music
  • Better Interface


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