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Monster DropsEdit

Every player who deals damage to a monster before it dies is granted the rewards for killing it.


This is a resource that players can spend to purchase more items. A player's current total is shown in the inventory screen, but it does not take up space that items use. The amount dropped varies from 4-6 gold depending on the difference between the level of the player and monster.

Monsters ≥ 3 levels above the player drop 6 gold; monsters ≤ 3 levels below the player drop 4 gold. Monsters near to the player's level drop 5 gold.

There are some exceptions to the gold yields. For example, bosses drop different amount of gold (e.g. Gathmor drops 60g, Slime Lord drops 25g, and Mother Hen drops 0g).


This is a resource that moves a player closer to the next level. XP gained towards the next level is shown on the HUD.



An item drop.

These are vendor items that are stored in a player's inventory. They can be sold to NPC shops, or can be deleted directly from the player's inventory in order to make space for more items since there is a 30 item limit to the inventory. If several people are credited with a kill, the items that drop for each are unique and distinct. For example, if four players contribute to killing a Bridge Skeleton, one might receive a Bone Chip, two might receive Torn Cloth, and the last might not get a drop. However, some monsters drop the same items for all players such as Doomwood Chests.

Quest ItemsEdit

These types of items only check a flag in the quest script, and do not take up space in a player's inventory. A player must have the quest active in order to receive the drop.

Monster AggressivenessEdit


An aggressive Dricken.


A Dricken that has not yet aggroed.

Called "aggro" for short, this is a mechanic by which a monster decides which target it should attack if many are attacking it. Currently monsters seem to aggro onto the player who has done the largest single instance of damage during a certain timeframe (five seconds, perhaps). It may also be influenced by the total amount of damage a player has dealt within a certain timeframe.

A second mechanic call "aggro area" describes the distance at which a monster will recognize that the PC is nearby and decide to attack. Once a monster has aggroed to a player, it will continue to attack unless the player leaves its "aggro range", a pre-defined distance from its spawn point (that is typically larger than its aggro area, but smaller than the entire area). This causes a monster to "de-aggro", to stop attacking the player.

A monster will also de-aggro if the player goes somewhere within a monster's aggro range that the monster cannot reach. This can be achieved in ways such as jumping, since monsters cannot jump, and even those that appear to fly do not have the ability to move onto higher ground that isn't accessible by walking.


A friendly Jimmy the Eye.

Monsters do not aggro until a successful attack is landed on them. If the first attack a player makes on a monster is dodged, that monster will remain un-aggroed and the player will not enter the combat state.

Some monsters and all NPCs and other players are friendly, and will never attack the player. They are also unable to be attacked, though they can be targeted.

Player StatsEdit

As seen in some developers' stats, they can set their stat value to any number they want, usually limited to around 1 million in main stats and 500 in bonus stats as higher stat values can break the game.

All stats are additive, even percentages. The equations these stats are used in are not the same for both players and monsters. A player's stats value depends on his or her level and equipment.

Base stats are the stats a player has without any equipment. Base stats change as the player levels up and only affect their primary stats, not their bonus stats or resists. See Stats for the full chart.


fisn's stats

Primary StatsEdit

These four stats are at the top of the player's character info page.


This number represents the sum of damage from hits that a player can take before they are killed. Health regenerates at a constant rate outside of combat, and is restored instantly when the player switches classes.


A player's attack stat is the only contributor to their damage. It can be increased by equipping attack-boosting items, such as weapons. The percentage or formula to which this influences damage is not yet known.


This number is the maximum resource that a player has to spend on powering skills. Mana regenerates both in and out of combat, though it regenerates much faster while out of combat. The skills of your class determine how much mana you consume. In addition, leveling up alters your mana costs.


This number reduces incoming damage from monsters by some percentage or formula.

Max stats

Cysero's stats

Bonus StatsEdit

These stats are listed below the division line on a player's character info page, and modify or enhance the four primary stats and interactions with them.


This number negates incoming attacks from monsters by some percentage or formula.


This number increases the accuracy of attacks against monsters by some percentage or formula.


This number increases a chance for bonus damage against monsters by some percentage or formula. The base critical chance is roughly 10%.

Crit PowerEdit

This number increases the likelihood of a crit by some percentage or formula. The base critical power (multiplier) is 150%.

Resist StatsEdit

These stats are listed below the division line on a player's character info page, and modify or enhance the four primary stats and interactions with them. They currently do not seem to be implemented.


This is a number, expressed as a percentage.


This is a number, expressed as a percentage.


This is a number, expressed as a percentage.


This is a number, expressed as a percentage.

Classes/ SkillsEdit

A class is an item that determines to which skills a player has access. All classes share one skill, an auto attack. Auto attack does not consume mana, and is used repeatedly and automatically by the PC after it has been activated once or a skill has been activated. The other four skills may or may not cost mana, and may target or affect one or more monsters, or an area. They may also affect one or more players. See the list of terminology for different types of skill effects such as buff, debuff, AoE, and DoT.


A Fireball halfway through being channeled.

Channeled SkillsEdit

These are skills, such as the Mage's Fireball, that require the player to stand in place and wait for the skill to finish filling a progress bar before the skill is activated. Mana is not consumed until the skill is activated.

Instant SkillsEdit

These are skills, such as the Warrior's Whirlwind, that may be activated at any time, even while moving. Auto Attack is an instant skill. They consume mana immediately.

Rooted SkillsEdit

These are skills that may be activated at any time but that have an animation that forces the player to remain in place for the duration of the skill. Mana is consumed at the start of the animation, and the animation (and skill use) cannot be canceled once initiated. There are not currently any rooted skills implemented.

Auto AttackEdit

There are two types of autoattack: melee and ranged. Classes like Guardian have a melee autoattack, while others like Mage are ranged. Melee autoattacks cannot be used to kite enemies while moving without also putting the player within the monster's attack reach. Ranged autoattacks can be used to kite without necessarily putting the player at risk of being attacked by monsters. Autoattack is an instant skill.

Auto attack is automatically engaged and used repeatedly after the player either uses an auto attack or another skill. This behaviour can be stopped if the player moves, or if the target is killed. Players will not automatically retaliate with autoattack if a monster attacks them first.


A targeted level 4 Red Flying Eye.


A player may click on a monster or press Tab to target them; there is a set distance limit for acquiring targets this way. A player may also use an instant or channeled skill or an autoattack to target a monster that is outside of normal targeting range. However, there is a limit to how far skills and attacks are able to target as well.

To de-target a monster, a player must click elsewhere on the screen. Pressing Tab will not de-target.


All skills have a cooldown, a period of time when they cannot be used. For some skills, it can be as long as 25 seconds.

There is also a global cooldown, a standard cooldown that all abilities share that happens after a skill (other than autoattack) is activated. Some skills have no cooldown longer than the global cooldown, and so may be used as soon as it is over. Global cooldown is about 1 second.


Buffs and DebuffsEdit

Buffs on players do not stack, but instead refresh the duration.

Debuffs on monsters are unique to each player, and do not interact or stack with each other. For example, if two Rogues each stack up 4 Poison on General Gathmor, he will have two individual stacks of 4 Poison each. If one Rogue used their Scorpion Tail Strike, the stack of poison that that player created would be consumed, while leaving the other player's stack still ticking on Gathmor.

There is no apparent limit to the number of individual buffs or debuffs that may be applied to a target.


Damage is determined by comparing the attacker's Attack to the defender's Defense, then applying a calculated difference to the defender's Health. There is a chance that no damage will be dealt to the defender at all, based on a calculation of the difference between the attacker's Hit and the defender's Dodge.

There is a chance that the attacker will score a critical strike based on their Crit. This will deal additional damage based on a calculation of their Attack and Crit Power.

All skills can crit; DoTs cannot.

Game MathsEdit

Maths are treated differently in different places. Items, for example, add percentages to player stats as if they were integers. Skills apply percentages properly as fractions.



Monsters always spawn in the same position on the map, and it is always the same monster. A new monster spawns 35 seconds after the previous one was killed. Regardless of how many players there are in an area, the spawn rate does not change. There are some exceptions to monster spawns. For example, some monsters in dungeons do not respawn and some monsters like Rocky require interacting with objects for their respawn.


A Dricken corpse that has not yet despawned.

Monster corpses despawn after 5 seconds.


Players spawn at a predetermined position in each area when they change areas. This location is near the entrance of the area that the player had just been in. For example, if a player goes through the graveyard gate in Bone Cliffs leading to Doomwood Forest, the player will end up at the other side of the gate in the forest, behind Big Bones. If the player had started in the forest and traveled through the gate to the graveyard, they would spawn near Gravedigger Loth.

When a player uses Slash Commands to quickly spawn at a faraway map, the player will spawn at the spawn point nearest to Battleon. For example, if a player types "/join livingstone", they will spawn near Warlord Gamush.


Items despawn 30 seconds after dropping. Even if the looting screen is open, the item will still despawn and the loot screen will disappear at that time.

Game StatesEdit


"In-combat" emote.


While in combat, a player is susceptible to taking damage to monsters and dealing damage to them. The player enters into the "combat" emote. This state is activated either when a player uses an autoattack or skill on a monster, or when a player walks within a monster's aggro range. The player may still talk to NPCs, sell items, and use slash commands while in combat. Mana regenerates at a slow rate.

As long as the player remains in the "combat" emote, all the restrictions of this state persist. Channeled skills do not engage this state until the skill is successfully completed.


"Out-of-combat" emote.


This is the default state of the game. While in this state, a player may switch classes, equip items, and use other emotes. This state can be achieved after being in combat through many methods. 1) killing the monster that is currently engaging you in combat, 2) leaving the area, and 3) leaving a monster's aggro range or causing it to de-aggro. Mana regenerates at a moderate rate.

Talking to an NPCEdit

This state occurs when a player clicks on an NPC to chat. The view zooms in and locks into a view of the NPC. However, the player is not prevented from concurrently being in either or the in-combat or out-of-combat states while in this state. The player may still, for example, move around, jump, and activate skills.

Leveling UpEdit

Players gain a level when they obtain enough experience points, as shown on this chart. Being a higher level increases your base stats, and allows you to equip higher-leveled items. A player must be at least the same level as the item in order to equip it.

Level 1Edit

All players have the same base stats at first level: 94 in each primary stat, and 0% in each bonus and resist stat.

Gaining a LevelEdit

Each level, players gain +2 to the base value of each primary stat, but no bonus to any other stats. For example, at level 12 a player will have 117 to each primary stat.

Maximum LevelEdit

The current maximum level is 15. Players will have a base of 117 in each primary stat at that level.

Other ConceptsEdit


When a player's health reaches 0, they are killed and must wait 10 seconds before being able to respawn at the entrance to the area in which they were killed. Nothing is lost upon death.


There is no damage for falling any height.

Hazardous TerrainEdit

There are no terrain types that damage or buff the player.


Standing on water.


Swimming is not implemented. Players stand on water or stand through water (such as the fountain water) depending on the terrain.


Whisper messages to another player.


Preview of the whisper command being used. Currently not available to the public.

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