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Quest description:

You have done alot of damage to sargoth's army and I have kept them from passing my post, but to enter the tower you will need to defeat the trolluk deathknight that Sargoth has placed in command, General Gathmor. He holds the only key to the Shatterskull Tower.


  • Shatterskull Tower Key - 0/1


  • Gold coin: 424
  • Exp: 4234

Final Dialogue:

You got the key. Well done. I have one last favor to ask you. If you speak to Artix or the other paladins, please tell them that I regret my misdeeds in life and let them know that I once again to serve good even in my cursed afterlife. Now... go. Sargoth awaits.

Given by: Heath's Ghost in Doomwood Tower

Previous in Quest Chain: Made of Death

Quest Help:

General Gathmor is a boss located near the entrance to Shatterskull Tower, at the end of the bridge in Doomwood Tower. He is a giant Trolluk wearing heavy knight equipment and a big axe. In order to obtain the Shatterskull Tower Key, you need to defeat General Gathmor until he drops it.

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