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Quest Description:

I am the voice of the Forest. If you wish to earn my trust you must act as my hands in restoring the Heartwood to greatness. First, I must tell you that the forest... the very soil beneath your feet has gone hungry for too long. Just as the animals and monsters of the forest feed on plants and lesser animals, the soil feeds on them. Slay some of the creatures here and feed the soil.


  • Kill wolves - 0/4
  • Kill Eyes - 0/4


  • Gold coin : 34
  • Exp: 367

Final Dialogue:

Thank you. I can feel the soil beginning to surge with power as it drinks in the life and nutrients from the creatures. In the great ring, all things come from the soil and all things return to the soil.

Given by: Voice of the Forest in Heartwood Forest

Previous in Quest Chain: Confession

Next in Quest Chain: Water From Water

Quest Help:

Kill wolves and Blue Flying Eyes in Heartwood Forest to complete the quest. Shadow Wolves in Doomwood Forest and Red Flying Eyes in Greenguard won't work for the quest.

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