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Quest description:

I can't take it! That awful sound coming from Greenguard Forest is giving me nightmares. It's even been spooking my Frogzard! I can't conduct business like this. Now even the local drickens are going wild! Would you head out to Greenguard Forest to see if you can find out what's causing all this eggcitement?


  • Ruffle a big feather - 0/1
  • Giant Egg found - 0/1


Final Dialogue:


Given by: Gaz in Town of BattleOn

Quest Help: Walk out of the Town of BattleOn into Greenguard and walk to the right towards the big wooden gate (or type /join greengrotto in the text box). Walk into the gate. Then, walk until you find Mother Hen and defeat her until you get all the items. Also, "Feathers collected" (Bright Feathers) is a rare drop and it drops in x3 so you actually only need it to drop 10 times.

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