Standing tall and watching over our beloved home, the town of Battleon is the Guardian Tower.  It is a hall of justice where many of the world's greatest heroes come together to ensure the safety of our world.  Within its walls, heroes train the the way of the Guardian-- taking challenges that test their skills and character.

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Location: /join guardiantower

Level Required: 1

Exits to:


  • The main hall with the Book of Lore
  • The Guardian Armory
  • The Guardian Library
  • The Guardian Training/Danger Room
  • The Guardian Stables
  • The Guardian Council in the War room (2nd Floor)
  • HUGE Main Room towards the back (Unknown purpose)
    Guardian 3
    Magic Sanctum
    Another Room (Unknown)
  • Rumors that there is a secret passage... but probably just a rumor.




  • Aristotle Tummybundle's Quests
  • Erik's Quests
  • Fortes' Quests
  • Lyrias' Quests
  • Tyr's Quests
  • Zoria's Quests




  • Must have be an AdventureQuest 3D Guardian in order to access this location.

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