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Quest Description:

The Big Bones are the strength of Sargoth's army. They have a nasty habit of picking up their fallen comrades' maces and that makes them doubly dangerous. Go destroy Big Bones and make sure that you take their maces whenever you find them.


  • Undead Mace - 0/6


  • Gold coin : 85
  • Exp: 425

Final Dialogue:

One of the good spirits of the tower just gave me some disturbing news.

Given by: Heath's Ghost in Doomwood Tower

Previous in Quest Chain: Beware of Dogs

Next in Quest Chain: Undead Courrier

Quest Help:

Big Bones Generals are located all over the battlefield in Doomwood Tower. Big Bones in Doomwood Forest won't work for the quest. To obtain the Undead maces, defeat the Big Bones Generals.

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