Item names can be different colours. This colouration describes the quality of an item. Higher quality items may be more difficult to obtain, may be rares, or have some other distinguishing feature to set them apart from lower quality items. Do not confuse the colour of an item's name with the colour of a person's username; username colours are reserved for officials.

Item QualityEdit

Junk: These items have a gray name, and are junk items that are mostly useless to the game or just very, very easy to obtain.

Common: These items have a white name, and are typically etc. items. They are commonly drops from monsters.

Uncommon: These items have a green name, and compose the majority of all items. They represent both items that can be purchased from shops with gold, and many items that are granted as quest rewards or as monster drops.

Superior: These items have a blue name, and are much fewer in number than common quality items. They are typically items that are dropped from bosses instead of regular monsters, often with a low drop rate.

Epic: These items have a purple name. These can be very difficult to obtain, and may be available only after completing a long or difficult quest

Legendary: These items have an orange name, and there are fewer of them than any other type of item. They are the most difficult items to get in game.

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