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Quest Description:

The next part of the spell calls for 4 Huge Pearls. We're not near water but a lot of the boxes that the Sneevils steal are full of treasure that they just pocket and keep. I bet you can knock some pearl jewelry out of a few of those Sneevils!


  • Collect 4 Huge Pearls - 0/4


Final Dialogue:

Wow! I'm not the kind of girl who goes out for a lot of jewels, but man... these suckers are HUGE! Oh well, into the pot you go!

Given by: Robina in Greenguard

Previous in Quest Chain: Jewels Of The Forest

Next in Quest Chain: On The Wings Of Eyeballs

Quest Help:

Huge Pearls are obtained from Sneevils in Greenguard. Killing Cave Sneevils in Livingstone Caverns won't work for the quest.

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