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Quest description:

The Slime Lord is a foul beast. He has lain down here in this pit of filth for uncounted generations and his hunger has only grown. To Yulgar's surprise the only thing that could keep the Slime Lord calm were some of Cysero's Pies but he could never get the pie pans back. Maybe you can help?


  • Cysero's Pie Tin - 0/1


  • Gold coin : 23
  • Exp: 460

Final Dialogue:

Just in time for pie season. I bet Cysero will be glad to see this again!

Given by: The Slime Lord's Pit

Previous in Quest Chain: Strange Brew

Next in Quest Chain: You Can Pick Your Friends

Quest Help:

Cysero's Pie Tin is obtained from defeating Slime Lord in The Slime Lord's Pit. Boogerlings in The Slime Lord's Pit won't drop the Tin.

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