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Quest Description:

I see. Several of the bones used to construct the large ones were culled from LIVING plague victims. They still have the power to spread the plague. You must destroy these bones. I am not as powerful as I was when I was alive but I can use my power to protect you from the disease while you destroy them. Hurry!


  • Plague Rotted Bone Destroyed - 0/10


  • Gold coin: 212
  • Exp: 2117

Final Dialogue:

Their bones have been destroyed. I sense no more plague in the undead on this bridge.

Given by: Heath's Ghost in Doomwood Tower

Previous in Quest Chain: Plague Bombs

Next in Quest Chain: General Gathmor (Quest)

Quest Help:

Big Bones Generals are located all over the battlefield in Doomwood Tower. Big Bones in Doomwood Forest won't work for the quest. In order to destroy the Plague Rotted bones, you need to defeat Big Bones Generals. The drop rate of Plague Rotted Bones is low.

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