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The Mage is the master of elements; able to weave them into powerful spells. Their Mana Shield harnesses the power of Mana to absorb damage.

Level: 1


Auto Attack Fireball Pierce Heal Shield
1.5 sec 0 sec 8 sec 3 sec 12 sec
0 Mana 32 Mana 21 Mana 16 Mana 21 Mana
Melee Ranged Melee Melee Ranged

Sell-back Value: 10 Gold

Drops: N/A


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Fireball Edit

Cast a fireball that causes 250% damage.

32 mana, 3 second channel, global cooldown, ranged. This skill deals damage in a range based on your Attack. The initial fireball does about 2.5x more damage than an auto attack. It is channeled.

Pierce Edit

A quick pierce causing the target to be poisoned.

21 Mana, 8 second cooldown, melee. This skill poisons and places a DoT on your enemy.

Heal Edit

Heals the target for a moderate amount.

16 Mana, 3 second cooldown. This skill heals you. It is Instant.

Shield Edit

Increases target's defense by 50% for 10 seconds.

21 Mana, 12 second cooldown, melee. This skill buffs a targeted friendly target's Defense by 50% for 10 seconds. If you cast it while targeting a monster, it will automatically be applied to you. It is Instant.

Note: This class was a part of the Tech Demo and can longer be used as described.

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