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Quest Description:

They are dead. They must be. I don't want to accept it but I'm not stupid and I can't leave without the Wayker's Root. I just need to KNOW, for sure. Please, search for any sign of them.


  • Cloth Scrap - 0/10


  • Gold coin : 30
  • Exp: 600

Final Dialogue:

Yes. These are scraps of their clothes. *starts crying*. I'm sorry. I just don't know what I'm going to do without Aldus and my Father.

Given by: Lidra in Doomwood Graveyard

Previous in Quest Chain: Strong Medicine

Next in Quest Chain: Grizzly Keepsake

Quest Help:

Kill either a Giant Spider, Infected Zombie, or a Mini Spider to gather up these items, they are a high percent drop rate..

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