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Quest Description:

Interesting thing about Pebblars: They're not all built the same. Some have eyes. Some have noses. Some have mouth parts. But you can never really tell which is which until you take them apart. Warlic says that he needs some Pebblar Mouth Parts so just see what you can find, OK?


  • Mouth Parts - 0/5


  • Gold coin : 83
  • Experience 821

Final Dialogue:

Great job! Not to keep coming back to this idea but I really wish I had mouth parts, even if it made me a target for people gathering spell reagents.

Given By: Jimmy The Eye in Livingstone Caverns

Previous in Quest Chain: Saturated with Box

Next in Quest Chain: Trolluk Toenails

Quest Help:

Pebblars are located all around Livingstone Caverns. To obtain Mouth Parts, defeat the Pebblars. Boogerlings in The Slime Lord's Pit won't work for the quest.

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