Introduction Edit

Some characters in AQ3D have colored names. These specify what role or permissions that player has in the game. See the official page for more information.

Colors Edit

White green: This is the default for all players. Green Name: Moderator. These are staff members who help keep the game safe. Teal Name: White Hat. These are volunteers who assist with testing the security of the game and testing new features of the game. Blue Name: Tester. These are volunteers who assist the developers with finding bugs. Gold Name: Developer. These are members of Artix Entertainment who develop the game.

Fan Blue Name

Fan, a tester with a blue name.

Fisn Gold Name

fisn, a member of AE staff with a gold name.


Sora To Hoshi, a moderator with a green name.

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Rothien, a white hat with a teal name.


Legend, a normal player.