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Quest Description:

It looks like the necromancer who has animated these skeleton has branded the inside of their skulls with their mark. It is kind of like a signature. If you collect enough skull fragments, we can at least find out who we are up against. A name would be better than nothing.


  • Skull Fragment - 0/5


  • Gold coin : 90
  • Exp: 894

Final Dialogue:

I am able to reassemble these fragments, I think. It is like doing a jigsaw puzzle. See? This goes here? and this? Ah! Sargoth! I know that name. We face a dangerous foe.

Given by: Artix in Doomwood Forest

Previous in Quest Chain: This Looks Bad

Next in Quest Chain: Shadow Shapes

Quest Help:

Skull Fragments are obtained from defeating Skeletons in Doomwood Forest. Bridge Skeletons in Doomwood Tower and Grave Skeletons in Doomwood Graveyard won't work for the quest.

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