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Quest Description:

My master always said a gravedigger is only as good as their tools. I have many tools but none that I rely upon more than my shovelblade. Each gravedigger learns to craft their own, but in the confusion caused by the GateWraith's arrival, mine was torn from my hands. Can you find it?


  • Loth's Shovelblade - 0/1


  • Gold coin : 31
  • Exp: 302

Final Dialogue:

Thank you. I didn't feel complete without it.

Given by: Gravedigger Loth in Doomwood Graveyard

Previous in Quest Chain: Breathing Room

Next in Quest Chain: Locked Knowledge

Quest Help:


Loth's Shovelblade is located along the sideroad very close to Gravedigger Loth. The shovelblade has a metal handle and the stick itself is made of wood, also the whole shovelblade has shiny particles animation around it. To complete the quest, simply go near the shovelblade and left-click on it.

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