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Quest Description:

Did you know that the large Rock Lords are the mature form of Pebblars? Really! When they hit a certain age, several of them come together and bond into one, large Mature Pebblar that most people know as Rocky. The merging process results in rich veins of Magicite Ore running through the large elemental's structure. It's a very valuable resource to magi. Summon one of them by activating the trolluk signal fires at the end of the cave and see if you can get Warlic some Magicite.


  • Magicite Rich Stone - 0/1


  • 83 Gold coin
  • 821 Experience

Final Dialogue:

That's it! We're done! Thank you so much! I never could have done this alone! I'd give you a hug but no arms. Anyway, thanks again!

Given By: Jimmy The Eye in Livingstone Caverns

Previous in Quest Chain: That Special Fungus

Quest Help:

The "Big rock guy" is located east of Jimmy The Eye in Livingstone Caverns. The boss is not visible at first, because you need to light the three rock torches which form the triangular formation in order to summon the boss itself. Read The Rocklord Quest Help for more information on how to light the torches. The Magicite Rich Stone is obtained by defeating Rocky. Turn the quest in to Jimmy, not Warlic.

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