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Quest Description:

Bring Sargoth's message to Heath.


  • Message Delivered - 0/1


  • Gold coin : 106
  • Exp: 1059

Final Dialogue:

The message reads "I have hidden plague bombs on twelve of my skeletal warriors. They will carry their gifts to every corner of these woods and detonate themselves, spreading the undead plague to all those who would stand against me. Make sure they are not interfered with. -Sargoth"

Given by: Heath's Ghost in Doomwood Tower

Previous in Quest Chain: Undead Courrier

Next in Quest Chain: Plague Bombs

Quest Help:

Heath's Ghost is a ghost wearing paladin equipment and is located at the exit to Doomwood Graveyard, in Doomwood Tower. To complete the quest, go near the shiny particles ring beneath Heath's Ghost.

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