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Quest Description:

Last week, trolluks raid a caravan with lots of magic potions. Trolluks take them all but not know what to do with them. They so dumb. Get me some and me will drink them all at once! That will make Gamush magic for sure!


  • Mystery Potion - 0/8


  • Gold coin : 137 
  • Exp: 1367

Final Dialogue:

*glug glug glug* Oh, dear me. I believe that quaffing those mystical concoctions all in the same draught might have had unexpected consequences. While this turn of events is certainly intriguing, it remains a far cry from our intended purpose; I'm desolate to report that I feel no more magical than before. May I, perhaps, suggest another path to reclaiming my previous position?

Given By: Warlord Gamush in Livingstone Caverns

Previous in Chain: Flying Response

Next in Chain: A Leader's Role

Quest Help:

Trolluks are found east of Warlord Gamush and also north of this spot, in Livingstone Caverns. To obtain the mystery potions, simply defeat the Trolluks.

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