Ended 7/26/2016 Edit

Pre-Beta is a point in testing in which players who backed or supported the game get to see the game grow and give there opinions on it, it is also a chance for you to get a chance at a little advantage as there would only be a gold/level wipe, not items.

Important Info:

  • This is still in development and is NOT the final game.
  • A progress wipe will happen, resetting your level, gold and quests, items are KEPT.
  • There may be rewards beyond a profile badge and experiencing the game early, but it's too soon to know.
  • The primary purpose of this phase is to test the game. Remember to submit bug reports!
  • During this stage, the web browser will be phased out in favour of steam and mobile devices.


  • Pre-Beta badges!
  • Chance at getting the first dozen of AQ3D Promotional Capes, like this one!
  • An edge over players.
    • Although levels and gold were wiped at the end of pre-beta, players were allowed to keep their items, and in some cases had their items replaced with unique versions (such as the Deadly Zed Sword being replaced by the Harmless Zed Sword).
  • Clumping up in preparation to fight the Slime Lord
  • Pre-Beta HYPEEEEE
  • Players hanging out at the Battleon Fountain
  • Cysero getting ready for the April Fools' Day event
  • Collecting feathers in the April Fools' Day event
  • Wallpaper HYPEEEEEE
  • Finally, the Steam release is here!
  • Are this many people really playing pre-beta? Wow!
  • Yulgar's Inn? More like Yulgar's WIN amirite?!?
  • Getting a bunch of players together all with matching outfits is a fun pre-beta pastime
  • Meh just chillin! ;)
  • Attempting to summon artix...
  • The attack of the Drickens

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