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Quest Description:

Gaz is grateful for the help, hero. Of course he is. But old Gaz's cart is too rickety to make the journey all the way to Battleon in this state. Gaz doesn't need much to fix it but but some Skeletons tore open Gaz's last package of iron nails this morning. Gaz is sure you can find some nails on the skeletons.



  • Gold coin : 4
  • Exp: 38

Final Dialogue:

Good. Perfect. Gaz will start making the repairs, but he wants one more thing...

Given by: Gaz in Dragonwatch Keep

Previous in Quest Chain: The Wheel Keeps Turning

Next in Quest Chain: [[Taking Home The Gold coin ]]

Quest Help:

Skeletons are quite easy in this area and won't need much to kill. Usually stay around the area and just shoot magic all around you to get a lot of kills. After a kill a chest will drop containing one nail. It is a 100% chance of drop so all you will need is five kills!

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