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Quest Description:

Almost done. I remember Warlord Mace having red and yellow strips of leather wrapped around handle. Me don't want to give you my loincloth so you have to get some from other trolluks. They probably not want to give theirs either so just knock them out. They be so mad that someone do that, they not even notice loincloths gone!


  • Red Leather Strip acquired - 0/5
  • Yellow Leather Strip acquired - 0/5


  • Gold coin : 69
  • Exp: 684

Final Dialogue:

Now we on a roll! Just one more thing... It not smell right.

Given by: Warlord Gamush in Livingstone Caverns

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Next in Quest Chain: A Healthy Stink

Quest Help:

Trolluks are found east of Warlord Gamush and also north of this spot, in Livingstone Caverns. To acquire the leather strips, defeat the Trolluks.

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