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Quest Description:

I have sent a message to the Order and they will be sending more paladins here too to hold the ground. This place will need to be in better shape before that happens. They will need weapons. I will begin cleaning up while you go slay skeletons and see if any of their weapons are still usable.


  • Serviceable Weapon - 0/4


  • Gold coin : 98
  • Exp: 975

Final Dialogue:

Bring the weapons to Artix.

Given by: Artix in Doomwood Forest

Previous in Quest Chain: Wolfing Them Down

Next in Quest Chain: Bringing Home The Broadswords

Quest Help:

Serviceable weapons are obtained from defeating Skeletons in Doomwood Forest. Bridge Skeletons in Doomwood Tower and Grave Skeletons in Doomwood Graveyard, won't work for the quest. The serviceable weapons has low drop rate.

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