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Quest Description:

Only one thing stopping us now. Gorthor the Warfiend is the leader of this undead assault and it's blocking the road beyond the gates. If you can destroy it, then we can leave and it will give the Guardians a fighting chance of turning this battle around. This is good, yes? Come back as soon as you defeat it and we will leave.



  • Gold coin : 4
  • Exp: 75

Final Dialogue:

Of course Gaz is still here! Gaz wasn't done looting the bod… er, Gaz wouldn't leave without his new friend! Let's go!

Given by: Gaz in Dragonwatch Keep

Previous in Quest Chain: [[Taking Home The Gold coin ]]

Next in Quest Chain: N/A

Quest Help:

Gorthor is an easy boss to kill and you can easily finish him off with a small team. Solo is very easy for high levels.

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