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Light on their feet, Rogues can slowly drain an enemy with Poison, or decimate them with surprise attacks.

Level: 1


Autoattack Button
Stealth Skill Button
Spin Kick Skill Button
Scorpion Tail Strike Skill Button
Poison Strike Skill Button
Auto Attack Stealth Spin Kick Scorpion Tail Strike Poison
0.6 sec 25 sec 10 sec 5 sec (1 sec)
melee melee melee melee melee

Sell-back Value: N/A

Drop: N/A

Shop: N/A

Skills Edit


Become one with the shadows to become more deadly.

25 second cooldown, melee. This skill buffs the player's Dodge, Hit, and Crit by +10% for 15 seconds. It applies the Stealth buff to the player. It deals no damage, and cannot be cast on other friendly targets. It is instant.

Spin KickEdit

Surprise your foe with a swift strike, lowering their defenses.

10 second cooldown, melee. This skill deals damage in a range based on your Attack. It reduces enemy defense by 20% for 6 seconds. This skill deals roughly half the damage of an autoattack. It is instant.

Scorpion Tail StrikeEdit

Instantly explode the Poison Strikes on your target. Double damage if Stealthed.

5 second cooldown, melee. This skill deal damage in a range based on your Attack and the number of your Poison stacks on the target, and removes your Poison stacks. It can be used even with no Poison on the target, in which case it deals damage roughly equal to an autoattack. With one stack, it deals roughly 1.25x autoattack damage; each successive stack increases the damage by +0.25, up to 2x autoattack damage at four stacks. With the Stealth buff active on the player, this damage is double again, making it deal about 4x autoattack damage. Using this skill does not remove Poison stacks that other players have placed on the same enemy. It is instant.

Poison StrikeEdit

Poison your foe with a deadly strike. Last[sic] 6 seconds. Each target can be Poisoned up to 4 times.

global cooldown, melee. This skill deals damage in a range based on your Attack and adds one Poison stack, to a maximum of 4. The attack portion deals roughly half as much as an autoattack; successive attacks do not deal increased initial damage. The poison is a stack DoT that lasts 6 seconds, and whose duration is refreshed with each new stack (even at max). It ticks every two seconds; it does not deal higher damage for having more stacks. Poison applications from multiple players stack separately. 1 stack ticks for about 1/4 of autoattack damage. It is instant.

Tips and TricksEdit

This section is moved here until the game mechanics are finalised.

Skill Mana Cost ScalingEdit

Level Poison Strike Spin Kick Scorpion Tail Strike Stealth
4 18 18 18 18
5 19 19 19 19
6 20 20 20 20
7 21 21 21 21
8 23 23 23 23
9 24 24 24 24
10 26 26 26 26
12 30 30 30 30
13 32 32 32 32

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