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Quest Description:

This potion takes the essences of the beasts who have nearly choked and starved the life from my home and uses their own power against them. Sprinkle a small amount on the roots of the trees around the Heartwood and watch how mighty the trees become! Do this and you will prove yourself to be a friend of the forest.


  • Root grown - 0/1
  • Root grown - 0/1
  • Root grown - 0/1
  • Root grown - 0/1
  • Root grown - 0/1


  • Gold coin : 64
  • Exp: 631

Final Dialogue:

Yes! I can feel the roots overtaking the ground, their crushing might will overtake the land. The trees have been preyed upon for too long! I will keep urging the roots to grow until it has covered The Heartwood, Greenguard Forest and even Battleon! Nothing that walks, flies or crawls will ever rule this forest again. Once the life has been choed from the people, beasts and monsters of the forest the Age of Trees will have truly begun! You have made all this possible. Thank you!

Given by: Voice of the Forest in Heartwood Forest

Previous in Quest Chain: Monstrous Essence

Next in Quest Chain: A Child's Wisdom

Quest Help:


The tree roots are located all around Heartwood Forest. The roots are hidden behind some trees and have shiny particles animation. To grow the roots, go near them and left-click on them.

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